15 More Times Marvel Actors Went Totally Off Script


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From the people who brought you “25 Times Marvel Actors Went Totally Off Script” comes the next exciting instalment in the series: “15 MORE Times Marvel Actors Went Totally Off Script”!

We… we couldn’t think of a more imaginative title…

ANYWAY, Marvel movies have always tended to allow the actors who star in them to be creative – and that’s resulted in countless moments that you probably didn’t even know weren’t scripted.

You might be surprised that some of these moments involving the likes of Robert Downey Jr. (who plays Tony Stark AKA Iron Man in the MCU), Chris Pratt (who plays Peter Quill AKA Star-Lord in the MCU), Chris Hemsworth (who plays Thor in the MCU), and Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays Stephen Strange AKA Doctor Strange in the MCU) were completely ad-libbed – though you might be less surprised at the fact that one of them sees RDJ humorously trying to one-up his good buddy Tom Holland (who plays Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man in the MCU).

There’s a chance you won’t look at certain scenes in these Marvel movies in the same way ever again!

If you’d like to know what exactly those moments entail – and indeed which other stars are included in this video – you’ll just have to watch it to find out more!

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  2. Subbing to everyone Who subs to me says

    Look at my name

  3. Sonny Duz gatcha says

    Tony should have said when he snapped : i am the galliga guy

  4. ItsPersonal says

    Bruh why you gotta do a count down? I rather you just put the moments together in a row without any dialog

  5. Liz says

    Now the dullest Marvel movie is Captain Marvel… terrible boring movie.

  6. Brooke Palmieri says

    Ragnarok was good but it painted Loki in a really bad light. There's no way as a child Loki would have stabbed Thor. In the first Avengers movie when he stabs thor it looked like he was almost about to cry. there's is no way he would have just stabbed Thor when they where children!

  7. Koala girl Gaming says

    The beginning lol

  8. Ashley Malfoy says

    Tony: please be a secret door please be a secret door… yeaHahhaha lol

  9. Dad Jokes says

    Isn't Deadpool still part of the MCU?

  10. Snigdha Tahamina says

    @7:03 Soo??? The hanger is worthy?

  11. Tayshaun TPD says

    When you realized…… A coat hanger is still worthy than you :/

  12. Natalie Castorena says

    The cloak rack if worthy!!

  13. Henry Wilson says

    What’s amazing is… if Starlord didn’t mess up the first attack on Thanos, they may have defeated him, which would have possibly prevented Gamora from returning. Therefore him messing things up was actually a positive in the long run. Mind blown!

  14. Andrea M says


  15. Marvel Nerd says

    24Kth like!

  16. Heather Jackson says

    At the end of Iron Man 2, which according to canon, comes before the Incredible Hulk; Nick Fury says something about them wanting Tony as "consulting only" or something similar, so, by the Incredible Hulk, Tony would techically be considered part of the Avengers Initiative. And from what I've gathered his role was to recruit people for the team.

  17. Lacey Ramcharan says

    I did not see when nick fury disappeared

  18. ak plays says

    2:35 in 2018 not 2017

  19. Seth Matteson says

    Man why do they pick on Tom Hiddleston so much?

  20. Just some guy with half a Mustache says

    You saying that Infinity war was 2 years ago just makes me feel old

  21. Freddie Mercury says

    Get help!My brother he's dying!Get help! Help! HELP HIM!

  22. Iris Todd-Lewis says

    RDJ and Chris H are the best ad libbers! But, not to be outshone, there are some great rejoinders from so many others, they ALL shine! Enjoyed the clip

  23. LittleMissPerfect 30 says

    No oneLiterally no oneThe coat hanger in thor the dark world : I am worthy!!

  24. P. Taiylar Ward says

    I love that one scene where RDJ is like:"Please be a secret door, Please be a secret door, Yay! " He sounded like a little kid!

  25. Raymond Acance says

    I’m pumped to see how Natalie Portman portrays Jane Foster under Taika in Thor 4

  26. Gemstone Walkin' Horses says

    Can someone tell me if the "Tadaaa" in Thor – The Dark World (when they escape Asgard), was off script. It's one of our favorite random lines.

  27. 0tto13 Malfoy says

    I love how he actually referred to RDJ as “The Master”

  28. Smriti S says

    Tony Stark is so important for MCU that they built a time machine before killing him.. He IS the mayor of marvel.. Love him

  29. random stuff says

    skript: existsRDJ: Great, we don't need it

  30. Christian Debs says

    Who saw Ratchet and Clank stuff in this video.

  31. Mahnoor Khan says

    Headcanon: Bruce banner keeps a bullet journal and has a hulk tracker

  32. Skyfam 273 says

    666th comment

  33. Walter says

    If there wasn’t so much waffle this video would be 3 minutes

  34. Edgar Manuello Agus Setiawan says


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