1. Patrick plumber says

    I have mixed feeling about these custom trucks . On one hand they are decently equipped but all the blank spots especially the steering wheel make it look cheap and stripped down but the price is nice it’s a hard call

  2. Aulik Technologies says

    Excellent video.

  3. Gabe Bunn says

    what kind of MPD is it getting? THANKS

  4. David WILLIAMS says

    Can you please make a video about the 2019 c300

  5. Tom Gill Chevrolet says

    Great video man. Thanks for sharing. We love the new Silverado HD!

  6. I am Jay says

    I love how you include a driving segment in your videos now!

  7. Jose Manuel says

    It's sad that the Chevy Silverado keeps the legendary column shifter of GM Full Size trucks but the Suburban doesn't, hope it comes as a option (Or maybe in the 9 seater model)

  8. I am Jay says

    I don't like how the front facia looks.

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