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8 best anime streaming sites to watch for free. Try out Movavi Video Editor for creating your own anime highlights:

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Like watching Japanese anime? Here’s a top-list of websites where you can watch anime for free.

KissAnime (
On KissAnime, there are tons of popular anime titles that you can watch online with English subs. You can also download anime episodes to your PC, watch them on your mobile phone, or TV. Currently there are no dubbed shows on this website, though.

Crunchyroll (
Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites because it offers both subbed and dubbed anime episodes in multiple languages. However, if you want to access the entire ad-free anime library, you’ll need to register a premium account.

Chia-Anime (
Chia-Anime is a comprehensive streaming website where you can find your favorite anime episodes from all the popular Japanese anime shows. There are no dubbed shows but English subtitles are always available.

Masterani (
With Masterani, you get high resolution of videos and a cool-looking interface that’s easy to navigate. You can also browse anime by a particular genre like “shonen anime” (adventure anime) or “mecha anime” (sci-fi anime, cyberpunk anime).

AnimeFreak.tv (
AnimeFreak.tv is considered one of the best anime websites due to its easy-to-use interface and handy search options. All the shows are available in high resolution and with English subtitles.

AnimeLab (
This is a very good-looking website with tons of anime titles available. You have to upgrade to a premium account to get access to dubbed episodes, remove ads, and watch videos in Full HD.

AnimeDao (
AnimeDao doesn’t provide lots of features but it surely has got all the essentials. You can easily find your favorite anime and movies and watch them on PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Anime-Planet (
With almost two decades of experience, Anime-Planet has a lot to offer. You can watch over 40,000 streaming anime episodes with subtitles in multiple languages, read additional information about your favorite anime characters, and get personal recommendations.

Now you know where you can watch anime for free. And you’re amazing.

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8 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch for Free 👸

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  1. Randy says

    9anime.love users be like :

  2. Yumnam_Ningthem Mangang says

    Streaming is too slow. Plus to much loading in even if internet is good

  3. Ahli432 says

    why is all ads inapropriate i want to wach anime not porn lol

  4. Ned says

    dude no offense but you actually put all the bootleg links on actual sites

  5. Mangoking 52 says

    Should I use kissanime or animekisa

  6. Onii-Chan says

    I’m trying to watch Miboujin Nikki but no websites have it. Some people say it’s hentai and other say it’s not

  7. Farah Cali says

    Do you know how I can see fire force

  8. Ray Luxembourg says

    try the modern https://aninow.net

  9. fried rice says

    I keep forgetting the domains

  10. Alistair Page says

    I'm pretty sure the kiss anime official site is kissanime.ru

  11. Lemon Milk says

    Go to any search engine (I use safari and google) and search animedao. You do not need any subscription or payments. I was searching for season 3 and 4 for Haikyuu!! And I found it. Just go to the search bar and search ANY anime, I guarantee they will have it. There aren’t any dubbed options, it only has the language of the original, which is Japanese, but it does have automatic subtitles for English. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but what I’m guessing if you’re WiFi is bad and it randomly stops, there’s no loading circle so if your WiFi is Bad it’ll pause randomly but it should start up again.Hope this helps! ^-^

  12. MC says

    Can i find ANY anime on these Anime Streaming Sites??

  13. yeet • 14 years ago says

    Website for data user?

  14. Sameer Aamir says

    do you use an adblocker??

  15. Twilight Zero says

    Aimedao.com best streaming website

  16. Papa & Danish says

    Thanks for sharing the information. I love anime.

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