BEST BUDGET SPEAKERS? Logitech Z200 Review and Tests!


Speakers are an essential part of a desk, so today I decided to unbox, review and test the Logitech Z200 speakers. Could they be the PERFECT budget speakers?

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Camera: Canon 70D (Used Panasonic G7 on videos up to Sept. 12th 2018 )
Lenses: Canon 17-40L
Microphone: Blue Yeti
Computer: 2017 27 – inch 5K iMac
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X/Premiere Pro CC
Music software: Logic Pro X with Omnisphere
Most grading is done with FilmConvert Pro 2 and ColorFinale

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  1. A B says

    Wao what top quality content

  2. Jurrio says

    You got the gk61 keyboard right?

  3. Homie jacob says

    Will it work with a gaming pc

  4. TheIronshogun says

    LMAO…."Why would I go to New Hampshire…."

  5. Md Mahmudul Hasan says

    Production quality is superb

  6. Legendarysnake says

    i tough for a moment, what a beautiful girl, then you start talking haha

  7. FinjatheNinja says


  8. . says


  9. Muhammad Usman says

    1st words : nice to see they included the right plug this time

  10. Harry 8642 says

    Just a disclaimer there are actually only two active speakers, the other two are passive.

  11. Marley Griffiths says

    Would this work on a pretty oldish TV?

  12. James Pickford says

    dude the production quality is insane for 32K

  13. Adrian Valdez says

    Does this work for PS4 if it does I think you earned yourself a sub

  14. Gerson Zandamela says

    New Subscriber…..a normal guy, showing stuff for normal buyers

  15. Jon844 says

    Guys I own these speakers and these things are AMAZING u should 200% GET THEM

  16. Sasha Hess says

    Is it possible use the right speaker on the left side?

  17. Arsam Yazdanian says

    dam brosome pro editing skills here

  18. mark edwards says

    mums gonna come in and tell you to turn it down!!!!

  19. DigiCarbon TV says

    Sensational content. Quick and easy, straight to the point with no BS. Great work mate!

  20. D.C.J. News Media says


  21. Nicolau Poceiro says

    Weird speaker configuration. One of the two membranes is not a speaker, but only a kind of passive membrane. They should have included a treble speaker instead.

  22. Bubby Dood says

    can u make it just plays music and have your game audio on the headphones?

  23. the gentle winnie says

    which you prefer? z200 or z213?

  24. Low6411 says

    I bought these speakers and too be honest im a music freak so im kind of disappointed in these speakers they arnt terrible however i just feel like they could of been a little more clear and a little bit more colorful

  25. John Renardo says

    Good video I subscribe

  26. Jamar Martin says


  27. Kevin Lolo says

    ive plugged the speakers in to pc and outlet and still nothing coming out? Any help or advice please?

  28. Yash Choudhary says

    Does it have usb connection

  29. Euimey says

    High quality content man, keep it up more subs will come surely.

  30. Alistair Toyne says

    I think i found my new tech guy – nice piece mate.

  31. Samuel Fedorchuk says

    This is some good content, dunnp why I haven't heard about you before

  32. Alex Gonzalez says

    I’m gonna buy these in the next week with your link in description, just subbed also you are a very under rated youtuber you deserve more subs!!

  33. VampireLord says

    Damn this is premium content, how do you have so less subs, well earned my active sub and likes and views but sadly this speaker is currently out of stock in flipkart and amazon in india sad.

  34. Louie Cornago says

    Song titles please!

  35. FangZ says

    Will definitely buy these for my new PC – thanks for sharing, this is very good quality content! <3

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