Best Headphones of 2014!


Kristofer Wouk from Sound Guys takes a look at some of the best headphones of 2014!
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Photive BTH3:
MonoPrice 8323:

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  1. Qais Hassan Suhail says

    do the 2018 version now, please!and what do you think of urbanear platoon 2?

  2. condoghost says

    Many QC15 and QC25 fans get issues with the right-hand headphone speaker cutting in and out, and whilst there are many YouTube out there explaining the easy fixes, there may well come a time when even this stops working and fixing it yourself is not an option."It's fixable but we want you to Trade It In or be Forced to Throw It Away unable to find a reliable bonefide third-party repair service for these top-of-the-range headphones which are fully working except for the right-hand headphone speaker".Bose: "Come spend £279.00 with us and when out-of-warranty, regardless of age, fixable or not, spend another £199 on our trade-in deal. Repeat again the next time your headphones fail out-of-warranty"Never fear. I have found a repair service that most definitely will look at fixing them at a very reasonable price. No need to go for that expensive trade-in deal unless they really are not fixable.UK based. They may well handle which ever country you are otherwise search the internet for a similar third-party repair service for your country.Electronic Partners Free registration. Use their Customer Portal for the smooth step-by-step process – get a quote estimate, book repair, receive repair request submission, order confirmation shipping label, check-in confirmation, repair request completed, proforma invoice, payment online with, tracked return.£41.90: £18.20 headphone replacement driver, £16.80 labour, £6.90 shipping and handling. 5-stars out of 5-stars. 10-stars out of 10-stars. I'd give more stars if I could. Most definitely the best option out there for repairing your Bose QC15 and Bose QC25.

  3. David Lent says

    You need to learn how to pronounce "buttons" properly.

  4. Sean Castelliens says

    are these still worth to buy un 2016-2017?

  5. Sungrin Han says

    Which headphones/earbuds are compatible with a Digiland tablet

  6. X A V I E R O S E says

    I need some advice for some headphones. Which one should I get, Photive BTH3 or Ausdom M05?

  7. mary jane says

    beats has thinny garbage sound…and I mean the original…its just for a name..waste of money and time actually…I regret buying I decided to buy a Sony xb950bt..I'm really stunned and impressed by the sound quality and deep punchy bass on it!

  8. pappa jones says

    the new beats are not that bad its only the price

  9. pappa jones says

    the new beats are not that bad its only the price

  10. lamarcus .L says

    Does anyone know a online Canadian retailer that sells the photive BTH3?

  11. Country terry says

    I receive bose 25 headphones in mailbox today why is my audio value so low ? Is there any button I can press to turn up volume other than cell phone device?

  12. Ronan Fitz says

    Beats definitly

  13. Gabriel repetto says

    I would never ever buy Bose again same goes for Beats. what do you recommend for wireless and has 7.1 surround?

  14. Audio Insider says

    Why not mention SOL REPUBLIC there one of the best in sound quality in my opinion.

  15. shad0wCh8ser says

    organize your set up –

  16. Anton Bugge says

    GUYS GO FOR THE M-40X almost the same as M-50X, minor details make the M-50's better but GO WITH THE M-40's!

  17. Mr. Krebs says

    I like headphones that are good and don't cost all my money. Any one agree?

  18. Hassworld10 says

    cough sennheiser 598 cough

  19. pumped up stick says

    Headphones have gone too expensive now a days.

  20. Joe G.P. says

    with a title like that you should not have skipped in-ear headphones

  21. Marko Markovic says

    nothing BEATS a good pair of headphones xD

  22. Endles says

    Watching this video with my Bose qc25's. Best. Headphones. Ever

  23. Dalton King says

    M50 good for a wide arrange of music? Metal, jazz, acoustic, etc?

  24. Joseph Stamp says


  25. Hans Mehran says

    Haters gunu hate but scullcandy crushers are the best for the price

  26. Meyer Beats says

    I need some help what would you choose either KRK KNS6400 or Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

  27. Hej Svejs says

    Sennheiser Momentum anyone?

  28. FlamingSTATIC says

    Could anybody recommend me the best headphones for hip-hop/rap that aren't too bassy under $200?

  29. Vlog Epicness says

    No Beats, I'm shocked lol.

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