How to Setup an Android VPN connection


I show you how to setup a VPN connection on your Android device.

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  1. AnimepopTwT says

    This is just for my tiktok fans for real

  2. Joane Quisumbing says

    Why does it say "unsuccessful"

  3. Justin Rodriguez says

    God bless

  4. Arugula yugandhar Yugandhar Arugula says

    Vpn app

  5. Supreme Leader Potato says

    Can anyone tell me how to create a username and a password

  6. dev m says

    iam connected on highly protected office wifi so i cant connect to vpn is there other way?

  7. Monika's recipi marathi. says

    Agar kisiko subscribers chaiye to support me me bhi aapko subscribe krungi.

  8. Malik Hassan says

    Vpn use ni krna chahiy

  9. Debabrata Biswal says

    Airtel tower & internet hi speed setting video

  10. ABHI SOCHA nhi says

    Is there anyone help me out?I'm done with all VPN actually it's unable to send or call on whatsapp events browser when i on VPN

  11. Taekook's best picture ever says

    Just search “VPN” on Settings, if you're having trouble for finding it

  12. mohan krishna says

    what to give in server name blank ???

  13. Noor Naveed says

    How to turn off vpn and back to orignal server

  14. NayNay Baby69 says

    Rip tiktok

  15. Gloop Glorp says

    whos here to try to change their location before tik tok bans it ?

  16. Sumit Vaishnav says

    Why are you added this vpn. What is the benefits.

  17. Samreen Aziz says

    its not working

  18. Rekha Lohar says

    Why am I getting french ads?

  19. Saad Rajput says

    Bhai server address m Kaya likna ha

  20. bourbon coffee says

    indians be here lol

  21. Kerubo Ondieki says

    Who's watching in 2020

  22. Mayenziwe Mchunu says

    Plz help me how do i use my wifi when i left it at home and I'm not at home

  23. Eradicator says

    Take care guys

  24. Thegamer 365 says


  25. Rj Puno says

    What's the password?

  26. Voice Man123 says

    What Vpn Adress Did You use. i Can Barely See it And it's Super Blurry. Edit: i Turned up The Graphics on The Video And i Saw The Server Adress But When i Connect To it it Dosen,t Work For Me.

  27. amaljith vs says

    Username and password??

  28. adrianTNT says

    PPTP offers no privacy / security, Apple removed it from their VPN types on iPhones. Old video but this is relevant.

  29. Edgar Leo says


  30. Muhammad Ashfaq says

    Hahaha your WiFi is on ….

  31. Balkaran Singh says

    Yo,how to find the server address what's it like any website name or something???

  32. Niharika Padhiyar says

    It was nice & easy to understand.

  33. ndh_nzr Rin says

    What should we put for the username and password?

  34. imran Creed says

    What password does it need it doesn't make sense are we using a random password and username

  35. Kishen Gounden says

    Can you use Bitdefender for using VPN?

  36. KimieAz_ Gaming says


  37. B.S Stonza says

    Which password did you enter

  38. Chandra Persaud says

    How to find server address

  39. FOX says

    how to add japan can you help me?

  40. Ruhaan Ahsan says

    Plz tell me how to know th password


    for the server name actually what?

  42. Relrousang Vaiphei says

    There are couple other REASONS i need to use it for

  43. Sahel Ahmed says

    vpn server adress doesn't show clearly please tell me in comment box

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