How to setup an iPhone VPN connection


I show you how to setup a VPN tunnel or connection on an iPhone in the settings menu.

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  1. Finley Mcveigh says

    i’m here cause our velveeta faced president wants to ban tik tok 🙁

  2. Elyssah says

    Tiktok is getting banned

  3. Splat says

    came because of whats happening to tik tok and sorted by new

  4. hadassah laura says

    i’m here because trump

  5. Leli says

    I’m getting a VPN cuz bunker boy getting too bold

  6. Kayle says

    Tiktok I need tiktok

  7. Izzy Boo says

    getting a vpn because of tiktok ban lolz xoxo

  8. keiara says

    tiktok getting banned so…

  9. Lithium 27 says

    Anyone here for TikTok

  10. hamster says

    i need a vpn so i can watch anime

  11. Bethany The panda GIRL says

    I need a VPN on my Xbox because people on gta take the game way to serious

  12. রংঙের ডিব্বা says

    Tnks boss

  13. Luka Gnajewu says

    RECHARDTOOL on IG help me remove my iCloud on my iPhone

  14. Lana says

    I’m getting a vpn because people on twitter love to dox

  15. Mikes Animation! says

    Blue whale:I know where you live

  16. Eric says

    Hurry up and stop talking, you don’t have to get into the specifics, we know the specifics and are here for a reason.

  17. Cute tutorials says

    I’m getting vpn cause I wanna get byte

  18. #Life Style says

    How do I get a server ID? Also a username and password?

  19. Ava Imvu says

    The Government really playing I’m still bout to be on TikTok

  20. Creamy• Frappuccino says

    pov: your here because of TikTok

  21. Twizzy says

    It wants me to put in a remote id what do i do?

  22. DaOnly Jah says

    Is anyone here cause of the tiktok “ban”

  23. PEACHLING FAN says

    Who else is watching since tik tok is getting banned

  24. Ogechi U. says

    I’m getting a VPN because tiktok is getting banned..

  25. Sammy Garcia says

    I’m getting a vpn because of that whale game on insta

  26. I don’t really mean this but • 10 years ago says

    Hehhehe, now I can troll people who send me blue whale challenge link mwuahahahhaha

  27. Mary W says

    I just want to watch big brother Austrailia

  28. LightzSRS Tehe says

    My reason is I wanna watch the rest of hxh or any good anime bc NETFLIX DOESNT HAVE IT, sorry but I hate it

  29. Isaac :D 44 says

    Is this free

  30. Sara Vee says

    Will this help me connect to the internet when i go to China?

  31. xEF7x says

    Pptp isn’t there for me

  32. CJR redd says

    Do you have to buy the money thing?

  33. Ryan Lifesword says

    I don’t have PPTP

  34. Naren Rillera says

    Is it safe?

  35. 856.jasonn says


  36. MyToasterIsStupid says

    Very much appreciated good sir!

  37. Macho Ma'am Tranny Savage says

    Now there's a safe way to look at porn lol

  38. Diamond Man says

    vpn yes

  39. Jacob Joseph says

    I have IKv2, IPsec and L2TP only. no PPTP. So what to do? (Apple 8 plus)

  40. Tøm Râvī Črüíśē says

    skip 1:20

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