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Dream about blue sea and palm???
The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in United Arab Emirates.
Construction began with the Palm Jumeirah island in June 2001 and first residential units was handover in 2006.
Palm Jumeirah Monorail is a 5.4-kilometre-long monorail opened on 6 May 2009.
Atlantis, the 5-stars hotel in The Palm opened in September 2008, and spansa massive 46 hectares, with 17 hectares of water park alone.
The most famous ride at Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark has to be the Tower of Neptune. First, you’ll scale a Maya pyramid before plunging 60 feet down a clear tunnel through a lagoon filled with real sharks. Seriously, real sharks. With 40 acres’ worth of water slides and swimming pools, Atlantis The Palm’s Aquaventure Waterpark is huge.
Discover most luxury Underwater Suites with unforgatable views in Atlantis Hotel
It is 4000 exclusive villas and spacious apartments in Palm Jumeirah with beautiful sea view
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