NEW PORTABLE PRINTER! | Phomemo Review and Journal With Me ♡


Hi everyone~!!

Here is a unboxing and review of the Phomemo MO2 portable thermal printer! This printer prints in black only and I tested out both the white and transparent types of paper~

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Thanks to Phomemo for sending this printer for me to review!
Thanks for watching~


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  1. Meivu says

    What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend? Let me know in the comments!!

  2. Akira Baby says

    Hii is this 300dpi?

  3. Creative Dutchess says

    This is the first video I've watched from your channel. I love the journaling. As an introvert I can relate to what you wrote.

  4. Melanie Gonzalez says

    I didn’t know you were an army, but this review helped a lot. Do you recommend for me to get one of these for journaling? Is it possible to print whatever photo you’d like?

  5. Panda dn says

    I loved it so much. How can I get it? I am from Lebanon please can you help me ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Celeste says

    Is there any way to make it do color?

  7. Blazy Pokemon Z says

    can you tell me from where do you buy this and plz give me the link

  8. Mark Kenneth Santos says

    Instax is better than that , film last forever.

  9. Hope Wiley says

    For the transparent paper, does it work with dry erase markers?

  10. MsIslandV says

    Does it print photos?

  11. Liz at Home says

    Does this little printer also print photos?

  12. Emily Wong says

    So it's like a receipt printer, but a tad bit cooler?

  13. Jody Angel Ugartechea says

    You could take small photos or cutouts and use the clear prints to make windows and stuff to tape them in place.

  14. Regine Lozada says

    You don't need to used it forever because you're not gonna live forever. Buy it if you have money and that thing makes you happy.

  15. T N says

    I believe there are health issues when touching thermal paper. Be sure to watch your hands.

  16. Veronica Reynolds says

    will it print color photos

  17. chœs borgür says

    Aaah it looks so cute!

  18. Des says

    Hey meivu i have enjoy watching ur journal videos and I also order a phomemo printer as u have any tips for me as a first time beginner journaler and a first timer using the phomemo printer?

  19. Heather Peet says

    Or you could just buy stickers…

  20. REENIExoxo says

    Your handwriting is loverly.

  21. FuanMochi says

    I actually bought the HP Sprocket last week due to one of your old videos (just started journaling a month ago to). I love it , but now I'm wondering if it was the best choice!

  22. minervart Ytb says

    This printer is adorable but I wouldn't buy it because it doesn't last forever unfortunately.I like to learn korean on the weekend, do my homework too (I'm an illustration student) and go eat delicious food with my friends 🙂

  23. ashsnapem says

    What a cute printer! Maybe I'll have to snag one at some point!

  24. Haley P says

    My weekends actually look a lot like yours! I love to stay home and chill, watching tv (I've been watching the witcher too), playing videogames, and reading. When I go out I typically like to go shopping at the mall, or on a little day trip to the city to find a new, interesting shop or activity. Since it's coming on spring now I also like to go to the more rural areas for farmer's markets and berry picking!Careful with the thermal printer. They can go completely black if it gets too hot! I've left thermal printed stuff in the car or right on the window sill before and it ends up a splotchy black mess.

  25. Nina Reyes says

    I love tame impala especially his new album –

  26. AdorkableKitsune says

    Curious, Can you color on top of the images? :0 I really like the printer but I'm a fan of color. Also, I love the 100! I'm so sad the last season starts! #Bellark forever! I also enjoy lazy weekends at home with my little girl and the hubby! ♡

  27. voicenoid says

    hey i was just wondering if you could make a vid about proxy services and how you buy your stickers from amazon jp and sites like daiso! im interested in starting a journal but local stories just dont carry the types of stickers and stationery supplies im looking for

  28. SpankinHotDudes says

    Hey Meivu! Have you thought about making and selling your journal creations or making custom journals by commission for money?

  29. Sour Puss says

    Your ideal weekend is my ideal full week (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

  30. Miracleshining says

    I like to take Nature Walks, Feed the Fish and Ducks and drink Lavender Lemonade.

  31. Sonja Reich says

    That's a nice printer. X3What I love to do on Weekends? To sleep long and go Shopping.^^

  32. Greta A. says

    Even if I don't have a small printer I still can print small pictures on photo paper using my printer app for making printing it and sometimes making the pictures smaller and use a photo collage app so I can make a collage of 2-5 pictures for printing. :3

  33. Kenyora22 says

    Just a warning, thermal paper fades over time! It may take years but just know that it’s not permanent like other printers 🙂

  34. SimonSarka1 says

    My weekends ain’t that different from other days.. Although one of my favorite youtubers always upload Super Mario Maker videos on Saturday so I guess that counts.

  35. Timsalt3100 says

    Nice printer but it's quite thick compared to the sprocket

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