System76 Lemur Pro Laptop: Full Review!


The Lemur Pro is the latest ultraportable laptop from System76, claiming ot have exceptional portability and battery life. In this review, we’ll check out exactly what this laptop has to offer and see whether or not it lives up to the hype.

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Individual Sections:
Introduction: 0:00
Hardware overview: 0:42
Ports: 3:42
Display: 5:43
Keyboard: 6:11
Build quality: 7:13
Some Downsides: 8:07
Fan, noise & bios: 10:37
OS Screen Capture: 13:39
Thoughts about battery life: 14:08
Configuration overview: 15:59
/proc/cpuinfo output: 19:20
Heat/sensors output: 20:20
lspci output: 20:38
Sound quality: 21:19
Overall thoughts: 23:42

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  1. Chris GAS says

    22:18 a laptop with excellent sound is the MacBook Pro.

  2. Ron DLH says

    25:24 Deja vu

  3. K33 Flex says

    the same laptop by tuxedo -> i know the display is different to the tuxedo book… and The laptop is also prohibited light xD

  4. Jayla Dennis says

    ~You seem really Genuine, I love that

  5. Eric Kleefeld says

    Did the machine you order have any different specs from the review machine they sent you? Otherwise, you could’ve just paid to keep the review machine!

  6. Eric Kleefeld says

    For the “quietest laptop” you could review, have you tried out the Pinebook Pro? It’s ARM-based, and doesn’t have a fan!

  7. Gavin Freeborn says

    Really hope they make a thunderbolt edition. This is the only must have that this laptop is missing. But it seems to surpass all of my nice to haves.

  8. GemsStr7 says

    i'm experiencing minor stuttering on video playback. Always on any gnome shell os including pop! Does anyone know how to fix this? thanks

  9. Bob Zurad says

    Great review! Thanks for being so detailed! I do have one question.How many nits is the screen on max brightness? I've looked into this laptop quite a bit, but I can't find anyplace that tells me how many nits the screen is on max brightness. I like to work outside whenever possible. Is it easy to see the screen when you take this laptop outside?

  10. Andrey A says

    Great review, man. Thanks a lot

  11. Just Screwing Around says

    That microSD slot is not the way to go imho, since you can adapt a microSD card to a normal sd slot, but not vice versa. Are we supposed to buy a dongle or another card reader? ( opensource workflow photographer )

  12. Passion Centre says

    My Dell XPS13 2 in one running POP_OS actualy has good sound (not amazing) a lot better than my Lemur

  13. Stacey Luster says

    I've got a MacBook Air 2017 running Pop!_OS 20.04 and I like the sound quality from the internal speakers. However, my Mac mini running Pop!_OS 20.04 is connected via external speakers and a USB sound card (Logitech Z200s via a UGREEN USB sound card) and well…the Z200s sound better ofc…but yeah. Nice video 🙂 I know what laptop I'll be getting in a decade when my Macbook Air kicks the bucket.

  14. Francisco Manuel Cortes Hernandez says

    Great review!!! 🙂

  15. Mike @ MemberVault says

    Thanks for this review. I actually recently ordered mine and really excited to get it. I've been a long time Mac user but have really fallen out of love with the MacBook pros of recent years. This will actually my my first full time Linux machine and first system76 machine. I'm a web developer and I still feel 16 gigs of ram is overkill, and never listen to laptop speakers, so these negatives won't affect me at all!

  16. Sulten of Sundry says

    Did you encounter missing letters when typing quickly? I read some were missing key strokes if you type too fast.

  17. TrueBlueGamer says

    Well, the speakers on the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15 inch that I have seems pretty good, they are not miraculous but are fast and very long with little distortion. The only downside is that there's still a bug with the drivers that sometimes makes audio desync for almost a second in browser playback.

  18. Alexander Torres says

    Omg! I have the same lamp! SUBSCRIBED

  19. L K says

    Can you comment on the touchpad? I just recently bought a Galago Pro, and cannot get used with the touchpad and buttons

  20. Tony Giardina says

    Some manufactures are not including thunderbolt because it is considered a security risk. Microsoft for example does not include it on their laptops for this reason. Not saying that is why System76 is leaving it out, but it may be one reason.

  21. dumbx90 says

    H, thx for the videos. Could you tell us what the terminal theme in the video ?

  22. Fadingaway says

    Is there miracast screen mirror?

  23. Curt Gebeshuber says

    Can you tell us more about the screen? Display type, PPI? It's very hard to find any specs from System 76 regarding screens, other than resolution.

  24. 0.z says

    ACTUALLY TOOOOOOOO much actually!

  25. Lori Mast says

    I love the review! On my HP Envy x360 the sound really sucks. On my previous HP laptop the sound was perfect. I love everything else about my new one, except Ubuntu doesn't seem to understand when I use the 360 feature or the fingerprint reader. Aside from that, I love it. Maybe someday I'll have more money and buy one of these.

  26. dinopi says

    i have a ideapad L340 "gamer", the sound is very good.

  27. Ícar says

    I'd like to use this laptop with an Arch-based distro. Is it possible? Does System76 publish their packages to be able to do things like firmware updates or those custom Gnome menus (basically, the extensions they ship with)?

  28. Robert Ingram says

    I tried to buy a System76 system but they were quick to express they do not ship to APO address as I am deployed to Afghanistan supporting the US Embassy and System76 does not support US personal when deployed… If you work outside the US and need support, avoid System76 at ALL COSTS!!!

  29. Paul Stivers says

    Here's a question. Is there a docking station that works flawlessly with the Lemur Pro, including to drive 2 external 1080p monitors, or even 3?I have the Dell WD19. It has one issue, at least with my monitors.One external monitor is fine, but the second one is iffy. It worked for awhile from the docking station, but now it doesn't. So now I plug both the usb-c and an HDI cable into the laptop when at my desk. I haven't tried powering everything down and then back up. I figured if it happened once it will just happen again.

  30. Paul Stivers says

    I've used Linux on most of my personal computers for at least 10 years, and at work as a devops engineer when allowed. I've owned the Lemur Pro for 30 days. For me it's a strong keeper, for all the pros and cons that Jay mentioned. I think that Jay hit the mark on degree of each pro and con, with one exception that I'll explain in the last paragraph.Overall, super well done review. I learned a few things, even though I own the laptop. Anyone watching and thinking of buying the Lemur Pro, I'd urge you to watch this review twice, and take notes. Lots of nuggets. Pros and cons are spot on IMO, again with the one notable exception.I think that the con side of coreboot is understated. Not only can't you screen capture while the bios is updating, but you can't do ANYTHING except chose boot device order, because that's the only option that's exposed. Jay, when you said that if thunderbolt were available on the Lemur Pro, one could disable it in bios if not in use, to alleviate security concerns, well not unless System76 chose to expose that option in the bios. Also for example, forget about hardware level encryption on your nice EVO 760 Pro SSD. As far as I know, to do that one needs to set the encryption password in bios. But wait, that's not available. I know, there's security concerns with hardware level SSD encryption, but still, one might wish to experiment.

  31. Riddlerplol says

    Hi could u pls help me with my Linux problem?? I can't log me as main user after restart or shutdown computer.. I am still at welcome screen as quest.. What can I do?? Linux mint

  32. tpasi2020UG says

    Thank you so much for this review. Since you mentioned Ansible can you do a series on Ansible for beginners? Thank you for all you do!

  33. Andras Balogh says

    Nice review! I am so sorry about the lack of thunderbolt. I was hoping to connect it to an apple display. The terrible speakers do not bother me, because I would use Bluetooth headset. Do you know whether the Bluetooth part would work smoothly with headsets, in particular the microphone ? I had trouble with it under Ubuntu 18 on some other machine. Also, the question of fan noise specifically while using zoom video conferencing would be important for me to know.

  34. GD Spam King says

    Pacman shirt….Pop os isn't pacman,

  35. Jan Enemark says

    Actually, this is actually another gr8 review and I actually mean that, actually.

  36. Lasse Emil says

    a bit disappointed that you dont actually record the fan noise when running a cpu test or something

  37. Matt West says

    "I liked it so much that I bought one" is always a pretty damn convincing review.

  38. Tom V says

    I have the Lemur Pro. I've had it a few weeks now. I agree with your review. One item you didn't mention is the track pad. I find it nearly as good as a MacBook Pro. I like that by default it turns off when typing.My experience with battery life is the same. It is 7:30 p.m. and I've had the laptop on all day (from about 7:00 a.m., doing general development work, not editing video or compiling kernels). I have an estimated 6 hours remaining.It is almost too light. When I lift the lid, the base comes along for the ride for a bit.The enclosure looks like it is plastic, but it's actually made of a magnesium alloy. Being black, fingerprints can build up.I have no complaints about the screen. I thought I'd miss the Retina display of a MBP, but I don't.I adjusted to the keyboard fairly quickly. Never liked the location of the control key on the MacBook Pro. It's a little treat having Home and End and Prt Sc keys. Yeah, speakers are so-so, but I don't care. I think the best speakers I've heard were the 2012 MBP. I don't understand why they designed this so the screen can lie flat (180°). But a few times reclining on a sofa, it's been a nice little feature. If you're a maker or an engineer, you are the target audience for this laptop. Sure, you know how to install Linux on all kinds of hardware but it is very nice to get one of these, power it on, and in 60 seconds be off and running with no fuss at all. And PopOS is very good.One other item you didn't mention: the power cord is ridiculously short. Of course, with such long battery life, it may make sense. But even before my Lemur Pro arrived, I ordered a Chanzon 2 Prong Non Polarized 10 ft AC Power Cord from Amazon ($8). If anyone is about to order this laptop, definitely get one of those.Also, after I ordered the laptop, System76 called and left a voice mail thanking me for my purchase. Who does that???? 🙂

  39. Chris Erics says

    is this too slow and small if I need to do virtural machines for pentesting and set up a test lab? and perhaps have two distros, like Pop_OS for daily stuff and Kali Linux for python programming and pen testing in school!?

  40. John Atom says

    32 Gigs of ram is a pretty high minimum. Is there any particular reason why you need so much ram?

  41. Kevin Taylor says

    One question and one comment:Did you try charging via USB-C PD? I ordered my Lemur Pro and found that the first unit had what sounded like coil whine when docked to to charge/connect my external monitors. System76 support is world class, so they are doing advance replacement of this unit – no red tape, no hoops to jump through…but I was super curious if you experienced coil whine while powering over usb-c if you'd tried it? One thing I was really surprised you didn't talk about that I love about this unit is the great work they did making this thing use native coreboot rather than traditional slowpoke bios. This thing both boots faster and resumes from sleep faster than any other laptop I've ever seen, from any manufacturer running any OS. Entering my full-disk encryption password literally takes more time than the rest of the boot process combined, which I think is a standout feature.

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