The art of being yourself | Caroline McHugh | TEDxMiltonKeynesWomen


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  1. Nature Is God says

    I loved her ❤️

  2. PAUL WILM says

    I hope that they (tedX) will invite Chief Leonard Crow Dog and Chief Michael Hull to speak (about Mary Thunder)

  3. Abner says

    I tried the true mirror and realized my nose is crooked but damn I actually like my face alot more like that lol

  4. Ash says

    Wow, it really hurts me when she says "You'd be toast without an ego." I consider myself to be toast at this time because it took me 20 years to escape an abusive household. But I wanna butter it up and make it tasty for myself still, you know? It's been a difficult journey, but I don't want to feel so bad about myself anymore.Thanks for this talk, Caroline. This gives me more to work on. I hope the rest of you are able to find success in loving yourselves, as well. You are worth it.

  5. Mark Brewster says

    Some good theories, stories and things to ponder, but there's a lot of airy fairy drivel too – in my humble ego driven opinion.

  6. Βασιλική Βασιλείου says


  7. Βασιλική Βασιλείου says


  8. daniel mills says

    Everything she talked about, and much more insight, has been available for 2020 years. The Catholic and Christian faith eloquently provides a blueprint for being happy and loving to yourself and others.

  9. daniel mills says

    Why is it that westerners go to India and return with all kinds of accolades for Indians? Actually, I was there and they’re some of the most stressed out people I’ve ever seen. They’re also very far from being as ‘peaceful’ as we’re made to believe they are; just look at the constant fighting between them…hint: Kashmir region….

  10. treywolf7 says

    What if how you see yourself is how you really look? Externalization is an ego trap.

  11. Christina Lee says

    really? you had to clarify the word "Mirror" for "the Americans"?????? a bit condescending

  12. Priya Chhetri says

    This is amazing! We should show this in schools and encourage students to be their most authentic self <3

  13. Cory_aqua says

    Love the unapologetic outfit…

  14. R Soto says

    What's up with the attire?

  15. Pandora Ali says

    Thank you to the source and to this presenter whom learnt this lesson in childhood … I need to learn it too .

  16. Bespoken says

    "Be as good as being you as they are at being themselves" – I love it!

  17. Mamatha sai says

    This is the 10 th time that I'm watching this talk.This is the best of anything

  18. Jazmin Carranza says

    What an amazing woman! :)!!!!!

  19. archana b says

    The whole video, the topic, speaker herself are at another level…. On cloud nine

  20. bharat ahir says

    At the last she called by his hand – namaste! She earn my respect. Thank you.

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