The Best Peloton Headphones – Powerbeats Pro


Music is a really big part of the Peloton experience and having the best headphones is a must. There are plenty of headphones but very few great workout headphones that sound great and stay in your ears. The powerbeats pro are the best headphones you can buy to use with your Peloton bike. They sound amazing and fit firmly in your ears so they don’t fall out during workouts. Checkout my video to see if they are right for you.

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  1. Adam B says

    The powerbeats pro were good for about 8 months (would have liked more base), however they started causing serious skin irritation. This took me a few weeks to realise the awful truth that the earbuds were causing it even though they were frequently cleaned. Also avoid Bose® SoundSport wireless inear headphones as the lip sync is awful. Im gonna try the Peloton JBL wireless ones. Fingers crossed.

  2. Scott Clark says

    My wife decided to get a Peloton. She also insisted on getting the Powerbeats headphones. They are nearly impossible to sync with the Peloton. We have gone through every tutorial to get them to sync. If she want to do a 30min ride she has to start 45 min ahead of time because the headphones take about 15min to get them to connect.

  3. Becky Ralston says

    Hi Chris, awesome video!! I had a question about the wireless headphones.. I have the same headphones series 2…do you think they will be easy to pair up to the peloton? I'm waiting for my bike to be delivered still. I just wanted to get a jump start and see if I need to add an adapter on the back on the monitor. Thanks, Becca

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