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Here’s our review of the new Thomson UD9 40-inch 4K TV which is priced at Rs.20,999.

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  1. murali gowda says

    hai guy's don't buy this Thomson led tv it will work below 2 years after that you have through dustbin no use no service. Better go with the brand why because my experience all are struggling with a budget, don't choose this Brand Thomson led tv its worst I never ever seen this kind of brand in experience …

  2. Srinivasa .T.R says

    How to connect internet with moblie with Thomson ud9 smart tv

  3. aduino says

    Can we use this TV as a monitor? Does it have Chroma subsampling 4:4:4? Thanks

  4. Madhujya Nath says

    All the streaming app are mobile based , a big disappointment

  5. Sushant Gupta says

    Is this tv has hdmi cec? If yes how to activate

  6. pravin surve says

    It can play Jio Tv ?

  7. bhavesh P says

    I got it today @ 17300.

  8. Preetz says

    Is it better than vu premium android 4k tv

  9. SV says

    +digit PLEASE do a review of VU PREMIUMS ANDROID TV

  10. Bala Subramanian says

    Don't buy thomson I purchased 40 inch TV screen not appear problem but not services failure products

  11. shrirang Joshi says

    You forgot to talk about the primary use of a TV. Can you tell how good is this TV to watch News, SaasBahu serials, matches using Tata sky? We are planning to buy this TV instead of regular brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc.

  12. Ravi Kumar says

    How to play song from Mobile in the thomson ud9 uhd samrt tv with wifi and without connecting internet or any cable ?

  13. Manik Shinde says

    Many say, 'the TV has lack of quick response, would it be better if I use Fire TV stick or Google Chromecast?" Could these external streaming/smart devices make it faster? I just ordered it from Flipkart for ₹ 15850. Is it a good deal?

  14. Ankit Karmakar says


  15. Rishabh Rai says

    Nothing about the sound output ?


    Please tell about the mirroring feature also, can we watch the video of mobile on TV via Bluetooth ?

  17. Amal Mv says

    I purchased an android tv from flipkart.before i purchase i talk witb flipkart exicutive (becuase the purticular product not deliverable in my address. So i used to order with my flipkart account order my friend address. After recived the product he check the product with an techician… then he kept the product in the brand box. Then after 2 days we just take it out from the box, thwn he notice track on the tv screen… that time the flipkart return period is still active, so we requested to replace it. But on my flipkart accout i saw the update… technician will visit 13th september…. we waited till 14 september then we moved product to kerala…. then after we get information from flipkart they regret the return…. becuse we shifted to kerala. Then i contact Thomson tv and they told me my pincode is not serviceable( pin 685604)

  18. Rohit Gulati says

    Good crisp brief review. But I didn't understand that comment. You can view 4k on 43" tv but still you kept on reviewing 4k content. I don't get that

  19. Shubhodeep Dasgupta says

    Can you please review vu premium android

  20. gowrisankar t says

    Where is the service center in india and customer care no not connected how to believe

  21. Earth is Precious says

    Excellent Review. Thanks.

  22. TheRouteShow says

    nu 6100 review please

  23. Sanjeev Kallepalli says

    Did not like the motion blur of this tv. Guess not so good for gaming

  24. Prince justin says

    How to install prime video in ud9

  25. Enix Dragneel says

    Can we games at 4k hdr on ps4 pro??

  26. Daily Tech Needs says

    is the panel 10 bit or 8 bit+frc?Edit 13th July: this has 8bit+frc panel. But the quality is awesome as fuck. For 18k there's is no better 4k TV than this. period. I'll test it and post a video on my channel.

  27. Arka Bhattacharya says

    Tell me about servicing . please Is any service centre available in kolkata?

  28. mrigank sagar says

    Why not use its own Netflix app instead using xbox.

  29. SS creations says

    PlayStation support????

  30. Surya Bhaskar Pinjarla says

    Does it support Amazon prime full HD app? Or we need to plug Amazon fire stick?

  31. ThatArjun says

    Ghosting, Response Time and Input Lag…

  32. Roger B says

    That is not how a pun works.

  33. Ravi Gonchigar says

    Thomson ultra HD smart TV can play mp4 videos?

  34. Kuntal Parashar says

    Does it has brightness setting?

  35. Vishal the king says

    Play Store???

  36. vazzup says

    No bluetooth in this tv

  37. Ramaraju S says

    Hi, I am looking for 40/43inch tv under 17k, which may be smart/non smart is not a matter. but it should be best quality and value for money and long life

  38. Mr. VP says

    It's is VA Panel or IPS Panel ???

  39. Rahul Chaudhary says

    Please review VU Premium Android Series

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