Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone 6


Top 10 Must Have Apps for iPhone 6 or iOS devices. This is my first episode and I will soon be coming up with many other episodes 🙂

Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone 6 Plus :

Top 5 Reasons Why Galaxy S5 is Better than iPhone 6 ! :

Why iPhone 6 is better than Galaxy S5 ? –

Next Episode : coming very soon !

Top 10 Best Games for iPhone 6 :

Apps in this video :

(00:024)Drippler :
(01:51)Pixlr Express :/
(03:42)Yahoo Weather :
(04:49)Swiftkey :
(05:45)Feedly :
(07:22)1Password :
(09:03)Musicxmatch :
(10:22)Wordweb :
(11:11)Facets :
(11:55)SkectbookX :
(12:42)FX Guru :

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  1. Leonor Hoyt says

    thx, also Cesium Music Player on iPhone is good, love playing lots of songs on it. Google ZillaTube, it can help

  2. Pretooun says

    App free bro !?

  3. Lā Lady says

    Thank you, very helpful

  4. Deny Miller says

    this video is 4 years old at that time above given video player was the best but in todays, I found CnX video player best for iPhone, iPad, android and windows 10. it is aided by Intel and i am using it from 1 year and I felt it is the best video player. must try it free

  5. yahya mohamed says

    MusixMatch ..? Is there downloading option on it ..?So I can download and listen offline .?

  6. BIG DADDY DICK says

    Yay users

  7. Hari logesh says

    Bro pixlr express app link didn't not open… How do dwonloads app

  8. Andrew Deviva says

    some app will not work

  9. Lvehurtzzs says

    Nice video helpful to me thanks a lot

  10. GIFT OF GK says

    Plz like my world best photos page

  11. SK Maidul Islam says

    I have iphone 6s and mic doesnt work during whatsapp video call only. Other type of either gsm call or voice recording seems okay. Is this app related issues

  12. Izzie Equestrian says

    Anyone else looking at these videos because they’re going to get a new iPhone 6 soon because I am

  13. black Water says

    I like and download the number 2 app

  14. mike walker says

    I don’t understand something. Y isn’t swiftkey available in the United States. I have an iPhone6.


    How to change tower singles

  16. Dósa Alex says

    My favorite is the Vimage app. You can create cinemagraphs. Try it!

  17. oanh Dinh says

  18. kiwii says

    your english kill mexD #SPEAKNORMALLANGUAGE

  19. Making Me says

    Great video. I also have apps for 2017 that i like

  20. jessica mawuko says

    Was very helpful thanks

  21. saithejas the great technology says

    Can you do on games in ios

  22. Mjay Dillabough says

    Ya trying to put me to sleep? XD

  23. MD, RAHIM says

    Bangal writing keyboard please please brother…. T 12 please

  24. Lina Chim says


  25. shamser khan says

    I want new App

  26. Officer Zztop says

    I'm using swift key right now and it's awesome

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