Top 5 Studio Headphones Under $100…….What's Yours?


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-LyxPro OEH-10 :
-Status Audio CB-1 :
-HyperX Cloud Alpha :
-Audio Technica ATH-M40X :
-Sennheiser HD 280 Pro (New Model) :
**Honorable Mention** Sony MDR7506 :

This is a list of MY FAVORITE studio style headphones for under $100. Know that I have not tried all headphones and I might not have tried your personal favorite. I would love to hear which ones you guys prefer that are under $100.

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  1. Logan Faucette says

    This channel has helped soo much to find a good pair of headphones thanks!

  2. Ryan Brown says

    You're probably the only person that can give me this comparison. I have the Hyper X Alphas, can you compare them to the M50x?

  3. GreyLOB says

    So I need a new pair of headphones …I already have cloud alphas..So which one should I buy .?..As I daily user i use for listening to music watching movies…

  4. Hell Bent says

    I got the cloud alpha S, I wasn't satisfied at all with them. Is the Original Cloud Alpha better than them?

  5. diego melgar says

    Man, are the m40x good for gaming?

  6. chrisvillan88 says

    I love my Cloud Alphas! I use them for everything – gaming, watching films and listening to music. Everything sounds so clear, plus they are so comfortable.

  7. No Name says

    anyone who knows if fresh 'n rebel is good?

  8. J C says

    Helo I'm a bass player, I'm searching for something good to play music but I play videogames occasionally. I see cloud alpha S is good but at same price you can have a ath40x and a boom mic, what I have to choose??? Thanks for your help

  9. diego melgar says

    Status Audio cb-1 for gaming?

  10. 笑dumja says

    cloud alpha hmmhmmmmhmmmmhmmmm

  11. Mike says

    I bought a cheap set for my xbox but I'm thinking of looking for a pair for around $100 or so that has some real strong bass. I remember years ago I had a pair of headphones that retailed for over $200 and they had the most amazing bass for a set of headphones. I didn't realize at the time you could get such sound out of a set of headphones.

  12. Aditya Kumar Sahni says

    Thanks for the video….which of these can work with mobile phones?

  13. Megumi says

    putting cloud alphas in this is a literal joke lmao

  14. Jesus Lopez says

    OK I own a pair of status Cb-1, like 2 almost 3 years ago, the sound quality is really good, all neutral. The construction quality is really cheap, all plastic and a shit PU leather on the earpads, the earpads and the diadem are really worn out, and the cable now is giving me problems, I recommend them, but take in mind those facts.

  15. Joey Ulrich says

    The Hyper X are great

  16. Doug Johnson Productions says

    I'm shocked there's no mention of the Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506. They're widely considered to be the best headphones under $150, and are used very heavily in professional audio, from studios to sound engineers. Both pairs can be had for well under $100.

  17. atxada says

    Thanks Bro for mentioned that cloud alpha has detachable cable, it means everything for me. i've been changing headset for years and the headset broke by the same cause, broken cable. although, i can fix it by myself if i motivated enough. thankyou definitely going to put this item on my wishlist for next sale!

  18. MagicalFrame9 says

    Sadly can't use open back headphones as my classmates aren't really fans of death metal

  19. Zeppy GH says

    I have the CB-1's as of now, and I definitely highly recommend them… as long as you're able to take care of them. These things break easily, so if you're a competitive angry gamer like I used to be, you might wanna look for something a bit more durable. Both of the drivers on mine came loose, and the cable is starting to wear away as well.

  20. Jay's Straight Up Reviews says

    Are you just a shill? Or just make bad recommendations? How you don't have the Philips SHP9500, Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506 on your list, but have a Hyper X gaming headset on a $100 or less "Studio" headphone list is unreal. You continue to prove you are one of the worst reviewers and make the worst recommendations on youtube. Just unreal.

  21. bruh says



    Im watching this with my one odio pro 10 and they were $36 USD check them out in the reviews on amazon link will be here in my comment

  23. Frosted Ramen YT says

    umm, all of these are Amazon choice. did he just look up Amazon choice and pick a few?

  24. Moses Davis says

    I wish I could buy a pair of basssss head phones but my folks don't have money

  25. LOOM says

    Me: wants a studio headsetSky:cloud alphasMe:LITERALLY WEARING CLOUD ALPHAS

  26. Prod.Sefurealis says

    Should I get hyperx or CB-1 or M40x

  27. MetaKnight964 says

    The Sennheiser 280 pro I bought has mediocre sound quality, some sounds are loud and some are quiet, also some musical scores are muffled and not clear.

  28. Isaac Keller says

    Open back headphones don’t really belong in a studio. For monitoring, you need closed back. For mixing, you should be using speakers.

  29. T G says

    Which one of these is best for music?

  30. Cryptoman 5000 says

    Gamesky, you need to pick up a pair of Philips SHP9500 3rd gen from Amazon($80). They are the best open back under 100 period. It often gets compared to the Sennheiser legend HD600 which runs $400. A older legendary model the Sony MDR 7506 still is very popular at around $70 as far as studio monitors go.

  31. gregorix 14 says

    I have edifier W830BT'sAnd these sound great, comfort is pretty good, 95 hours of playback time (i have them for 5 days and i've been listening to music on these for 48 hours on 70% vol. And they somehow have 60% left) , NFC pairing, and if i plug these with a 3.5mm cable to my phone and set the bass to max, it's head pounding and clear.

  32. Towsif Shahriar Shovo says

    Where is Samson sr850???? Please review it.It is under 50 dollars semi open back headphone.

  33. Towsif Shahriar Shovo says

    Is studio headphones have better sound quality than consumer headphones????

  34. ERIC Anderson says

    I can vouch for the Status ,Hypers, AT40s all very solid and solid review as well

  35. Oscar Sturgess says

    Sony MDR V6's are like £89 ishdunno what that is in USD but it can't be far over $100

  36. Akram Shady says

    Hello dearPlease can you make a video about the best microphone ever

  37. Don. Timeless says

    Does Cloud Mix have the same Cloud Alpha drivers?

  38. Darren See says

    planning on getting a pair of hyperx cloud alpha… is it also for music?

  39. The Biggest Issue says

    dude, do a ps4 gold headset vs the hyperx cloud alpha. i don't see vids regarding this topic.

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