1. Detached Pixel says

    "Apple made best computers" can say just somebody who don't know nothing about computing 🙂 u'r funny.

  2. Pascal Sundhar says

    Talk with your readers in live. Video broadcasting!

  3. KilllerX says

    Have you Tried JTV

  4. RingDangDoo says

    Free Internet Tv
    w_w.NetTv4Free. c0m

  5. Colin Dainty says

    My PC which I put together is a lot more reliable than my son's Mac that cost him a lot of money.

  6. Colin Dainty says

    They crash the same as any other computer

  7. oscarteos says

    Were did you found that awesome desktop?!

  8. John Serra says

    Hi Ed,

    Just curious.. was the the whole presentation last Monday.. or is there more on ustream..?

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